“I was never a believer in tarot. I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home and tarot readings were viewed superstitiously: as silliness at best and devil worship at worst. My life has changed drastically over the years, and the faith I had as a child has become more open, but one thing has never changed: my insatiable need to ask questions and throw myself at the mysteries of the universe, heart open wide. When I sit with Cedar and she does a reading for me, it is a magical experience. There are insights revealed in the cards that neither of us could have orchestrated or predicted. She takes her time, gently explaining each meaning and the ways the cards interrelate to each other and the many facets of myself. Cedar listens, not just to the cards or the spiritual world, but also to me and my own feelings and fears. She is gentle, warm and wise. And even though I still struggle against an internal resistance to tarot, with each new reading my breath is taken away at how insightful it continues to be.” -Erin D.